NBA 2K League: How to watch the format the prize pool and more

What you need to know about the NBA 2K League, including how to watch all of the action, the format, the teams, and more


What you need to know about the NBA 2K League, including how to watch all of the action, the format, the teams, and more.
As the NBA season comes to a close, NBA fans are turning their attention in the right direction and discovering a gem in the NBA 2K league.

The reigning champions, Wizards District Gaming, are looking to keep their title, while T-Wolves Gaming is attempting to become the first team to win the title twice.

If you haven't seen or heard about this exciting tournament, or if you didn't even know it existed, don't worry because I'll explain everything you need to know about the newest virtual ballers in the world. 


The NBA 2K League is a format that was developed by the NBA. 

The  NBA 2K MT for sale  league, like the NBA, is divided into conferences, with 12 teams in the eastern conference and 11 teams in the western conference. As a general rule, they are only permitted to use characters that are unique to them.

Every week, we have games on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, starting at 7 p. m. ET and playing two-game series in each matchup.

Following a 10-week regular-season schedule, teams will square off in a regular knockout format playoff series until a champion is crowned.

There are also two other in-season tournaments that are played: The Tipoff, which offers prizes on the first weekend of the season, and The Ticket, which determines the final two invitees to the playoffs. 


Teams participating in the NBA 2K League

There are currently 23 teams registered for this season, with the eastern conference having one more team than his western counterpart. With the exception of the Gen. G Tigers, all of the teams are affiliated with an NBA 2K22 MT Coins franchise.

No team has ever won the championship twice in the tournament's three editions so far, with the first champion being Knicks Gaming, followed by T-Wolves Gaming, and the current champions, Wizards District Gaming.

NBA 2K League schedule can be found here.

The league is only halfway through their regular season, so there will be plenty of action to witness over the next couple of months as they play every night from Wednesday to Saturday until August 14th.

Following that, the teams that did not qualify for the playoffs will compete in The Ticket tournament, in which two franchises will earn the final two spots in the race for the championship. Finals are scheduled for Saturday, September 4th, in order to determine who will be awarded the trophy.

The prize pool for the NBA 2K League is $50,000.

There are over $1,500,000 in prizes awarded throughout the entire season, which includes the in-season tournaments. The first-place team will receive a cash prize of $450,000, with the remaining $630,000 being shared among the other playoff teams.